Current Bylaws



The name of the organization shall be the Tennessee Health Science Library Association (THeSLA)

The purpose of the Association shall be to promote education and cooperation among those responsible for health science libraries in Tennessee. In addition, the Association will strive to promote awareness and utilization of health information resources to health professionals.


Section 1
Membership shall be open to anyone engaged in or concerned with health science libraries.

Section 2
Dues shall be recommended by the officers and approved by the Association. Dues are payable annually on January 1st and will be considered delinquent on April 1 of each calendar year. Dues remitted anytime after November 1 will be applied to the next calendar year.


Section 1- Officers
The elected officers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice-President/ Program Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Membership Chair. All officers must be members of the Association and shall serve as the Executive Committee. The Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Chair shall serve as the Membership Committee

Section 2- Duties
a. President- It is the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee and function as the official representative of the Association. The President will be an exofficio member of all committees. The President may appoint ad-hoc committees and officers to fill unexpired terms.
b. Vice President/ Program Chair- The Vice President/ Program Chair shall in the absence of the President, preside and assume all duties of the President. The Vice President/ Program Chair shall be program chair.
c. Secretary -The Secretary shall be responsible for all recording and reporting of all Association activities and for conducting appropriate correspondence. The secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the database of current members, and the Secretary will serve as a member of the Membership Committee
d. Treasurer- The Treasurer will be elected for a term of no less than 2 years. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the receipt, custody, and proper disbursement of any monies of the Association and serves as a member of the Membership Committee. The Treasurer shall report on the financial state of the Association to the Executive Committee and the membership.
e. Membership Chair- The Membership Chair shall be responsible for promoting membership and working with the Membership committee, for the annual membership renewal, and for the compilation and maintenance of the annual membership list.

Section 3- Nomination
The Executive committee shall serve as a nominating committee.

Section 4- Elections
The election of officers shall be conducted every year either before or during the Fall Meeting. Officers shall serve a one (1) year term, or until their successors are elected, and their term of office shall begin at the close of the Fall Meeting. The candidates receiving the most votes shall be elected.


Section 1
There shall be at least one (1) meeting annually.

Section 2
Meetings shall be conducted according to the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.


Section 1
All committee meetings shall be open to Association members.

Section 2
a. The Executive committee shall conduct the business of the Association between membership meetings.
b. All membership meetings shall be announced to the entire Association by the Executive Committee.
c. The Executive Committee shall function as the nominating committee and shall be responsible for preparing and mailing the ballot.
d. The Membership Committee shall be responsible for the promotion and recruitment of new members and for the annual renewal process including sending renewal notices, receiving dues, maintaining a database of current members and distributing a membership list on April 1 of each year.

Section 3
Program and/or other committees may be appointed as necessary.


Proposed amendments to the bylaws must be submitted in writing to the Executive Committee at least ninety (90) days prior to a membership meeting and presented to the members for approval at least sixty (60) days prior to a membership meeting. Adoption and amendment to the bylaws require a majority vote of members.

ADOPTED: May 9, 1977
REVISED: October 1982
REVISED: May 1983
REVISED: June 1986
REVISED: October 1999
REVISED: November 2009
REVISED: November 2010
REVISED: April 2015