Officer Duties


  1. Lead business and officer meetings
  2. Compile agendas
  3. Recruit officer candidates
  4. Assemble ballot for officer elections
  5. Assist with program planning
  6. Event and membership marketing
  7. Serve on TLA Executive Board
  8. Compile quarterly reports for TLA Executive Board and submit to THESLA Send copy to Program Chair.


  1. Workshop planning for Fall and Spring Meetings;

Event Coordination:

  • Meeting space
  • Catering
  • Securing AV if needed
  • Copying handouts
  1. Marketing of Events
  2. Applying for funding for training/meeting expenses
  3. MLA/CE certification follow-through/Program evaluations for future improvements
  4. Speaker invitations and travel/accommodation assistance


  1. Guidelines currently state to maintain the database of current members
  2. Record and distribute meeting minutes
  3. Maintain the minutes and correspondence; physical copy retained


  1. Maintain membership list
  2. Send invoices/renewal notices once per year; reminders as needed
  3. Deposit dues checks as they are received and notify treasurer of deposit
  4. Produce membership reports for meetings


  1. Prepare treasurer’s report for membership
  2. Track bank account and review statements
  3. Review online registrations/payments to reconcile with bank statements
  4. Write checks as necessary for reimbursements, etc.
  5. Make deposits
  6. Participate in program planning, purchasing gifts/honoraria for speakers
  7. Participate in grant application process to meet association finance requirements
  8. Stripe account


  1. Login credentials for membership
  2. Updating website
  3. Registration list to Program Chair